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S88 Mark II DFIG 2.25 MW has been developed through a rigorous development process exclusively for the Chinese market based on specific market requirements.

The product has been developed by optimizing our proven technology platform of the existing Suzlon S88_2.1 MW turbine to improve yield, performance, reliability and serviceability and is suitable for IEC Class IIA & IIB

Through the introduction of an enhanced control system in the S88 platform via industry standard converter systems(DFIG), these next generation variable speed models have improved design features that increase energy yields, operating performance an excellent Grid compliance, providing a greater return on your investment.
Product Name
Country Availability
S88 Mark II DFIG 2.25 MW
Rated Power2250 KW
Cut-in Wind Speed 4 m/s
Cut-out Wind Speed 25 m/s
Wind ClassIIA / IIB
Rotational Speed 12.0-18.0 (rpm)